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Video Agility: A Critical New Skill

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

There's a critical new skill that businesses need to have moving forward and it's a concept we're calling Video Agility.

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the workplace. Offices are emptier, and in-person meetings less frequent. Video filled the Relationship Gap created by this change in behavior, and Zoom calls took over our work life. This will not change. Video is here to stay and will replace more than just your weekly staff meetings.

It’s easy to understand how a video call replaces a meeting and closes the Relationship Gap. But video will continue to fill other gaps left by the lack of in-person networking, conferences, and fund-raising, just to name a few. So now the challenge becomes: How do you produce video that is professional enough to represent your brand or company that has a fast turnaround and the ability to scale? That’s Video Agility.

What is Video Agility?

Video Agility is made up of five attributes: professionalism, timeliness, scalability, decentralization, and manageability.


You’re a business. The video you produce has to represent your brand. It has to be relevant and compelling with good storytelling. Agile video still looks professional.


Typically, as production value goes up, so does the cost and time it takes to produce. You don’t have the money or time for that. Agile video has a 2-hour or even a 2-minute turnaround.


Let's say you want to have your sales reps create personalized video for outreach to prospects. That's going to require dozens if not hundreds (or even thousands) of videos. Agile video is scalable.


Right now, if you want to produce video, you either have to send a crew or go into a studio. Agile video allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to film and produce video that fits your professional need.


Video at scale is usually impossible to manage. But you may need several approvals before you can publish. Agile video allows you to easily manage videos so you can approve, publish, and re-use them.

Video is the future of business marketing and communications

If you haven’t invested in video, now is the time to do it. Make sure your video solution is agile, or sticking with it will become impossible.

Storyvine is a Video Agility platform. We’ve spent 10 years thinking about the video agility problem, and built a platform allowing you to produce video that is professional, timely, scalable, decentralized, and manageable.

Reach out to see how you can benefit from a Video Agility platform. We’ll work with you to discuss how to use Storyvine as one tactic in your marketing and communication strategy.

Let's get agile!

Reach out to Kyle Shannon: or 720-449-7077 x103.

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