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In-Person Meetings are OUT…Now what?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Close the “Relationship Gap” with Personalized Video

By far, the best way to develop relationships is face-to-face, and sales people have relied on “pressing the flesh” for years, even after the advent of Customer Relationship Management technology and tools. Human interaction is key, especially when you have a complicated sales process, but how do you establish & grow relationships in a world where in-person meetings are dramatically reduced, if not canceled altogether—where your most powerful tool is intermittently taken away from you?

Personalized video closes the “Relationship Gap.” The results have been stunning.

Salespeople have been using Storyvine to create personalized videos, and seeing dramatic results in the intimate world of pharma sales, from increased open rates, to one rep seeing a 5x increase in booked meetings vs. text-only emails, to a large pharma team producing more than 5,000 videos in a six month trial. Using personalized video isn’t a nice-to-have any more. It’s a must-have.

Storyvine makes personalized video possible.

It’s not clear when—or IF—we’ll be going back to normal

“But, things are going back to normal right?” While real world meetings are certainly happening again, they remain greatly reduced. Many people continue to work from home. And with the ebb & flow of restrictions due to new COVID variants, planning for constraints is your best bet.

As sales organizations adapt to these new realities—especially those in healthcare & pharma—we see innovating with new tools and processes underway. The challenge is that sales reps only have so many hours in a day and are already overloaded.

Warm up your digital communications

Another positive impact of Covid-19 restrictions is that efficient digital communications tools were adopted seemingly overnight. It’s likely that an adoption curve that would have taken a decade or more, happened in the first 6 months of the pandemic. The tools allow sales reps to dramatically increase the quantity and targeting of their communications with HCPs and other sales prospects.

But, be careful what you ask for! Digital tools make it easier to reach out, but they can come off as cold and impersonal, and HCPs are now inundated like never before, with emails and texts and pings on social networks, like Linkedin. The increase in digital communications has created a numbing effect, making it incredibly difficult to get your message to rise above the noise.

Even if you can’t meet in person, a personal video keeps the human connection alive.

Personalized video is… personal. A warm video message is the next best thing to a warm “Hello” in the office. When an HCP opens an email and see’s a preview image of the video with their name on it and a familiar, smiling face, it makes this email different from the rest and they click to see what the rep has to say.

Automated video creation is efficient and scalable. One of the downsides to meeting in person is that it takes a lot of time, from scheduling, to driving, to a meeting that runs longer than expected. If you use a tool like Storyvine that makes creating personalized video easy, you can dramatically increase your ability to “keep the human touch.” In a recent project, a sales rep for a major pharma company created more than 100 personal introductions in one day!

Pre-recorded video is convenient for Reps and HCPs. Real-time video chat tools such as Zoom can be effective, but require scheduling and time commitments for all parties involved. With video that is recorded ahead of time, Sales Reps can record when it is convenient for them, and HCPs can watch the videos when they have the time. Rather than committing 15-30 minutes per virtual meeting, each party only needs a minute or two to connect.

Close Your “Relationship Gap” with Storyvine

Using video isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. In this “intermittent contact” era, it’s a must have. Take your relationships to the next level regardless of what public health and the economy throws at you with the power of personalized video.

Storyvine makes personalized video possible.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Web: Phone: (720) 375-1548 x111 Email: Rich Ryan, Sales Manager, Healthcare

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