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Video Agility: Manageability

One of the attributes of video agility is manageability. This seems contrary to agileness – if you have to approve videos and manage the content, doesn't that fly in the face of agility?

The answer to that is no, because the more agile you become with video, the more content you create. Once you start creating enough content that it needs to be managed, then manageability is absolutely critical to creating that level of content efficiently.

What is Manageability?

As you start to capture and create content in a nimbler way, you have to do some things with it:


Let’s say you want to capture best practices videos from subject matter experts all over the company. Whose job is it to look at the videos that come in and decide which content is useful, and which isn’t?


The next thing you need to do to approve content. You might have a communications group that can approve their own content, or you might have outside groups that need to get their video approved. Whose job is it do that?


Where are you going publish the videos? Do they live on an internal communications portal? YouTube? Social Media?


You can re-mix content that has already been created. For example, you can take the best sound bites from multiple subject matter expert videos and edit them into a compilation video.


Two years from now, you might need a video about a particular subject. Agile video allows you to go back and easily find a video that was created years ago.

How to Manage:


We had a client that used Google spreadsheets. One summer, their organization captured 725 videos, and they had interns fill out a Google spreadsheet with all the videos: Who was talking, what they were talking about, where they were going to send the videos, etc.

Customer Management System (CMS)/Learning Management System (LMS)

You need to get your videos data-rich: Name of filmer, title, location, topic, etc., so getting content into a CMS or LMS are ways you can track, filter, and sort content.


The future lies in artificial intelligence. We’re building auto transcription into Storyvine, so that all of the content is created in the system is going to be discoverable and searchable.

The key to getting your content into these tools is data. When you’re creating content, start to think about the metadata and elements that you need to track to be able to search for that content in the future. It will save you many headaches, will put you on the path to video agility.

Let’s get agile!

Reach out to Kyle Shannon: or 720-449-7077 x103.

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