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The 4C’s: A Recipe for Success

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

At Storyvine we have a methodology, a collection of best practices, that helps our clients find success. They are: Create, Capture, Curate, and Connect. Let’s go through each one.

Create: The creative development both strategically and tactically. What is the look and feel? What are the questions that we need to ask?

Capture: What is your recruiting program to get people to film? This can often be the biggest hurdle for our clients – getting people to film.

Curate: Okay, you’ve got a ton of great videos. Now who is going to watch them? Who is making the decision about where they should go and why?

Connect: This brings it all back to Capture and connecting with your audience. If you are still filming, how do you connect back to your audience? Are you setting up a safe space for other people who might be filmed to see the videos and be willing to go on camera as well?

Monique Elwell goes over each of the steps in the video below. Remember, we're here for you every step of the way. Reach out if you need help.

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