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Video Agility: Timeliness

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Why is timeliness so important to video agility? Because implied in the word “agility” is, well, agility. The ability to do things quickly.

Video platforms like TikTok or YouTube have normalized the expectation of an immediate response in video to whatever is going on in the world. Regardless of what your capability is within your company, or even what your strategy is, the people who work in your company experience timely video every day. Putting content out two months too late is completely inexcusable.

Barriers to Timeliness

There are four hurdles to producing and sharing a video:




Who responds, and when do they respond? If you have only one person in the organization, say the CEO, who can make videos, then that person needs to be aware that they need to respond, and they need to have time to do it. If you have a hundred people in the organization that can respond, then you can say, “Hey you know Jimmy down in accounting can respond to this. He’s available right now.”

So one of the first hurdles is when something happens and you want to produce a piece of content, you need someone to do it. The more people that you can identify who can do it, the better chance you have of getting something created quickly.




The second hurdle is how are you going to produce the video?

Tools like Storyvine help with production, or you might also have an internal team that can turn things around quickly, or you might just shoot something with the native camera app and throw it in iMovie. So the first question is, How are you going to do it? Does your team have the experience to do it? Instead of taking them 5 or 10 minutes to produce the video, it might take them 3 hours. Experience is a big part of it. The more videos you make, the better you get at making videos.




Does this video need to be approved? If so, by whom? Is there an existing process? What's the turnaround time?




By the time you’re ready to send the video out, is it still relevant? If the process takes too long, it might not be relevant anymore. If it still is, then you need to decide where you’re going to send it. Is it going to be posted on social channels? A company intranet? An HR system? A learning management system?

How long will that take? Does it have to be given to a technical team to do the uploading, or does it happen automatically using something like Storyvine, where it can automatically go to a distribution platform once it’s approved?

So there are a few hurdles to creating timely videos. If you can clear these hurdles, then you can get content produced and into the hands of your audience when they need it.

Let’s get agile!

Reach out to Kyle Shannon: or 720-449-7077 x103.

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