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Getting People to Film: The Ripples in Pond Strategy

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

When starting a Storyvine filming program, don’t assume that people are just going to show up, eager to film. Filming is a very emotional process, and you need to have a plan to recruit people and get them to film. One way to do that is what we call the “Ripples in a Pond” strategy.

Breaking Down The Ripples in Pond Strategy

The First Circle "Friendlies"

Think of your filming program as concentric circles. The first circle is about 3 to 5 people, what we call your “Friendlies.” These are people you know, that you can give direction to in order to create the perfect video that matches your vision. These examples become the videos that you can show to the next circle.

The Second Circle "The Velvet Rope"

We call the second circle “The Velvet Rope.” Make these 25-50 people feel like they are VIPs– special enough to be invited behind the velvet rope to film.

The Last Circle

The last circle consists of either friends or colleagues that The Velvet Rope filmers have recruited, or is a formal marketing program to recruit people.

Finally, it’s important to provide everyone in each circle with feedback – some form of kudos or motivation. This will help others feel emotionally safe to film. In the video below, our Storyvine Co-founder/COO Monique Elwell explains each circle:

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