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Storyvine introduces QR Codes for Filming sign-up

At Storyvine we've dramatically simplified the onboarding filming process to get your storymakers started more quickly and easily. When it's time to activate your people to film, simply send them a QR code. It will take them right where they need to go to register and download their template. Soon they’ll be filming and sharing their stories for your project.

Here’s how it works:

1. Simply scan the QR code on your Apple or Android device with the native camera app.

2. Complete registration from your phone or tablet.

3. Click on your customized video template and download the Storyvine app

4. Enter your email and make your first Storyvine video!

Interested? Try it yourself by scanning the QR Code below and create a free Professional Profile Storyvine video.

Have questions or if you want to learn more? Reach out to us at

Storyvine provides the structure to make authentic, professional-grade branded videos, the speed to shoot and edit quickly, and the scale to produce the previously unattainable quantity of videos – all in the palm of your hands.

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