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Capture Videos of HCPs at ASCO

ASCO is a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, show off your brand and discover what’s new in cutting edge oncology research. Storyvine wants to help you make the most of it.

We all know how busy doctors can be, and here's your chance to not only meet them in person, but to film them talking about their expertise, and the latest research and learnings. With our easy-to-use platform, you can have an unbranded or branded video ready for review within minutes – perfect for posting while you're still at the event.

Get ahead of the competition and join pharma giants like Janssen, Alcon, Pfizer and BMS who have already used Storyvine to create videos content to use at ASCO or to capture videos of doctors at ASCO discussing new breakthroughs and research or best practices when dealing with specific conditions.

Re-purpose the footage as content for websites, social media accounts and other marketing materials.

Concerned about compliance issues? Not a problem – Storyvine’s back-end system can handle all of your regulatory needs.

Get started now with our Healthcare subscription, which includes PHI protection, an approval system, and customizable workflow. Please allow 3-6 months lead time ahead of the



Reach out to Rich Ryan, Sales Manager - Healthcare: or 720-449-7077 *111.

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