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Input wanted! Storyvine's AI & Modular Content Features

Modular content creation powered by AI is here. Help us choose how we customize our Automagic Modular Video Platform to make it work best for you.

We have recently heard from a number of our clients that a modular approach to content creation is important. We agree, since we’ve taken a modular approach to producing video for nearly a decade! And now, as we combine that modularity with the flood of AI-powered tech everyone is talking about, the possibilities are insane.

We’ve been moving aggressively to integrate AI to supercharge our platform features, such as interactive video transcriptions, subtitle translations (into 120 languages,) and even automated omnichannel content generation from a single video!

AI and Machine Learning technologies are moving VERY quickly, and are truly magical, but we want to make sure the features we prioritize for Storyvine are what you need, and will add value to your business. That’s why we are soliciting feedback from our pharma and med dev clients to educate you on what’s possible, share our plans, and better understand your needs.

We invite you to join our Founder & CEO Kyle Shannon for the inaugural AI & Modular Content Fast Track Session, on Thursday, February 23, 1pm ET, where you will:

  • Learn what's happening with Generative AI and how it can benefit you and your work

  • Understand Storyvine’s modular approach to content and the implications of it

  • Preview AI-powered features already integrated into the Storyvine platform

  • Provide feedback on our feature pipeline, and AI-amplified “Automagic” innovations we’re considering developing

  • Share your ideas on how to make the platform even better for you and your business

Save the date and time! Event info coming soon. We look forward to hearing your valuable opinions, feedback, and ideas.

Not able to make it on February 23rd? Contact Monique to schedule a time:, 720-449-7077 x 104.

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