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Introducing the Storyvine Pitch Kit

Your clients are seeking innovative ways to engage with customers that’s smart and fresh, but also regulatory-friendly. You know they need video that is easy to produce but looks professional. Storyvine provides a fast and efficient way to produce professional-looking video at a scale that your clients will find hard to resist

Now we’ve made it even easier for you to pitch Storyvine! Our Agency Pitch Kit helps you to pitch us accurately so we’re all looking our best. Since health care is a highly regulated industry, we want to be clear on what we do, and how we adhere to compliance issues. We’ve prepared everything you need to pitch Storyvine to your clients. We’ll also answer all of your frequently asked questions such as pricing, timing, examples, and yes, we have a deck for your pitches. Our Pitch Kit is as efficient and professional as the videos your clients will soon be producing.

Download it by clicking on the button below or scanning the QR Code.

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