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Introducing Storyvine NOW!

It’s here! Introducing Storyvine NOW, a self-service version of our current enterprise-level product. What’s different? These are pre-built kits with VideoGuide templates that include the most commonly asked questions and prompts for specific industries. We know you’re busy, so we’ve structured your story for you, allowing you to get filming right away.

Our first two Storyvine NOW kits are here just in time for election season – the Political Campaigns Kit and the Ballot Initiatives Kit. With in-person events cancelled, these kits allow you to reach your supporters and get their voices heard. No camera crew required! No editor needed!

Click to watch example videos

NOW you can capture the authentic voices of your campaigns and issues faster, easier, and from anywhere.

NOW you can create unlimited videos and manage them all from your Video Dashboard.

NOW it’s more affordable than ever.

Political Campaigns Kit

The Storyvine NOW Political Campaigns Kit is aimed at political campaign managers who need a way for their candidate and supporters to easily use their smartphone to film videos that include Candidate Updates, Grassroots Supporters, and Policies/Issues. Learn more about the Political Campaigns Kit.

Ballot Initiatives Kit

The Storyvine NOW Ballot Initiatives Kit includes three VideoGuide templates that will let your staff, volunteers, legislators, and engaged citizens use their smartphone to create unlimited numbers of videos including Citizen Voice, About the Issue, and Get Out the Vote. Learn more about the Ballot Initiatives Kit.

Get your Storyvine NOW kit...NOW!


Here’s what Forbes has to say about Storyvine NOW: Storyvine Changes The Political Video Creation Process.


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