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Answering your questions about Reps & HCP's

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

What a Brave New World we are experiencing. We sincerely hope you are doing ok.

We are fielding a large number of calls from our friends in the healthcare world, asking our thoughts on how—or even if—sales reps can continue to communicate with HCPs. Enough people are asking what Storyvine has done—or can do—to facilitate communication with HCPs, that we figure we’ll share some immediate ideas and relevant engagements that might be helpful.

If you have questions, or just want to hop on the phone to brainstorm, we’re here. (Well, technically we’re working from home.) Feel free to reach out: 720-449-7077 or

Ideas for Now

If communications between your Reps and HCPs are limited, or even embargoed altogether, there are still ways you can engage. These ideas can be executed immediately and may make a difference for your Reps and HCPs:

  • Team Updates – (Note: We have a free version of this you can use immediately.) Allow managers to easily create video updates that can be viewed at the Rep’s convenience (rather than having to schedule a real-time video or phone conference call.) Actually seeing your manager will help maintain the Human connection while we’re isolated.

  • Thank HCPs on the Front Line – Your Staff, Reps and other KOLs can make personalized videos thanking local HCPs, Nurses and Others on the front line of the coronavirus crisis for risking their lives and those of their families. These videos could be shared to individuals via email, or posted on social media for greater visibility if appropriate.

  • Sales Rep Support, Coaching & Coping-Tips – A number of our clients have used Storyvine to allow Reps and Managers to share best practices. A modified version of this could allow Reps to share ideas on how they are coping and/or could allow Managers to coach on how to manage through these trying times.

As Things Normalize...

Once we are out of the immediate crisis, we will move away from social isolation with a better lay of the land. Here are some ways our clients have used Storyvine in the service of the Rep/HCP conversation:

  • HCP Peer-to-Peer Thought Leadership – HCPs could create peer-to-peer videos that the Sales Reps could share as part of their eDetailing content.

  • HCP Patient Education – Similarly, HCPs could create patient education videos Reps can share.

  • Personalized Videos from Reps to HCPs – Reps could provide short (1-5 minutes) personalized videos to be shared with HCPs as appropriate. The advantage here is that the HCP can watch at their convenience, and the Rep will still get “face time” with the HCP, even if they can’t be there in person.


Check out how some of our other Clients have used Storyvine in the past for similar engagements. If you want to mirror any of this, or have a new idea, then let’s make it happen.

Medical Device Company - Sales Rep Engagement

A Medical Device Client used Storyvine to engage and inform their sales representatives. Sales Reps were encouraged to film their best practices, such as how to get past the gatekeeper, which person to sell to, etc. Additionally, this company launched a new sales methodology and asked their reps to explain using Storyvine specific examples to describe how their sales methodology makes their sales better.

A Pharma Client - Sales Rep Engagement

A Pharma wanted to energize and inform their distributed sales team whose product addressed a difficult condition, so keeping their team mentally positive was an imperative. They used Storyvine to share how their product was helping patients live better, more productive lives.

Diabetes in Control - HCP peer-to-Peer Communication & Patient Education

The Diabetes In Control was an education program. In it, the doctors filmed two versions of each video: one for a patient audience and one for a physician audience.

KOL (Physician Speaking to Patients) Click here to watch.

Pharma Client - HCP peer-to-Peer Communication

A Pharma Client used Storyvine during an event to tell the story of a physician's take of a disease, including busting myths, key characteristics and treatment. Since there are multiple indications for that drug, they were able to ask the Drs. questions using Storyvine that addressed all of them and then pushed the appropriate questions to three different videos (one for each indication.) This process only took about 15 min after filming.

I hope this gives you some viable ideas as we all try to navigate our businesses in the coming weeks and months. We are incredibly appreciative of our customers, friends and families. Like many of you, we are adjusting to this new way of working remotely, but we are just a webcam away if you need us, or just want to see a smiling face.

Feel free to reach out: 720-449-7077 x104 or

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