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"UPDATE" VideoGuide™ template available free-of-charge.

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We're in this together!  At Storyvine, we believe that video is a powerful way to stay connected, even though we may be apart. As such, we have launched a free version of our VideoGuide template used to make the videos, like this one:

YOU can use this template freely to make update videos for your company, team, or loved ones.

To do so, simply download the Storyvine App from the Apple App Store or Google Play and sign up in-app. The Update VideoGuide should be the first template you see.

Why are we doing this?

Well, one of our corporate values is "Humans Matter," and our technology is all about returning humanity to a world of technology. During this time of social distancing, keeping the human connection intact is vital. A video of you, is a gift to them, whomever they are! If we make it easy, maybe you can make a difference.


If you want to understand how Storyvine works, here's a bit of an explanation, and some details about the Update VideoGiude Template.

The Storyvine app guides you step-by-step through a series of prompted questions that you answer one at a time. (You can do as many "takes" as you want for each prompt, until you're happy.) When you are finished, you tap the upload button, and within a few minutes, you'll receive an email with your "Automagically" edited video. From there you can download the video and share wherever you want.

The Update VideoGuide template allows you to select what kind of update you are making from a pulldown menu. You can select from the following list of Update Types:

  • Important

  • Health

  • Personal

  • Family

  • School

  • Company

  • Team

  • Project

  • Research

(If there is some other type of update you want to create, you can edit that text field to say anything you want.) Here's how it works: If you select "Health" from this pulldown menu, the video title graphic will say "HEALTH UPDATE" in the blue bar at the top of the screen.

Other text fields are displayed in the video as well. Title (Topic) of Video, Name, Location, Organization (if applicable) and Contact Info (or a web address) are all available, and what you type in those will display in the video too.

Next, you take a picture of yourself, or the person you are filming for the title screen.

Then you answer the following prompted questions:

  1. Introduce Yourself – Please share your first name, location, and the date.

  2. Share Your Update – Share your update and what it means.

  3. What Happens Next? – Share what to expect, next steps, or any actions people should take based on your update.

Then you upload those clips, and a few minutes later, you'll receive your video via email. You can forward that email, or download the video and share wherever you want.

We're also creating versions of this template for our clients, so if you need specific branding on your videos, we'll be able to launch them quickly. We're here (virtually!) if you need us.

Stay safe!

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