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Voyage Denver: The Storyvine Startup Story

Voyage Denver Magazine published a great piece on the Storyvine start up story – how Kyle Shannon and Monique Elwell met, what challenges they faced, and what they learned about each other. They are very different personalities, but “have complementary skills they call ‘The Wizard & Warrior Leadership Dynamic,’ where Kyle (The Wizard) is the hand-wavey, idea guy; and Monique (The Warrior) manages the business and keeps ‘the trains running on time.’”

Most proud of…
Monique shares, “I’m proud that we have weathered the storms over the years and are now a profitable second-stage company. I love the people that I work, the work I do, and the company we have built. Very few companies survive past Year Five and even fewer break the $1 million annual revenue mark. We’ve done both. We’re profitable, and we’re growing.”
Kyle follows on, “It is humbling to answer questions like this, but good to put things in perspective I suppose. My vision for Storyvine was to create a tool that democratizes video storytelling, and while that sounds crazy when I say it out loud, I feel that the company we’ve built is earning us the right to deliver on that vision.”
They both chuckle and Monique chimes in, “We also both believe this is a billion-dollar company and there is tremendous opportunity still. We have only cracked the surface.”

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