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Video Agility: Democratization

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

When it comes to video storytelling, most organizations have a scarcity mindset. There’s a belief that video is complicated, time-consuming and expensive, leaving you limited in how much you can create. As a result, organizations become precious in what topics they choose to cover and which people to use in their video. If we’re going to spend all this time and money, it has to be worth it.

But you can cast a much wider net when you have an abundance mindset – when video production stops being a bottleneck, you can start thinking about all the different ideas you can cover and people you can film.

We call this the Democratization of Storytelling. (That’s a mouthful!)

Here are 3 examples:

Thought Leadership

With a scarcity mindset, you focus on filming someone high level like the CEO or a VP. But the reality is that there are subject matter experts throughout your organization that could absolutely provide thought leadership, and probably do so in a much more granular way.

What if you could capture thought leadership all across the organization at all levels of the organization, and then curate the best ones?

DEI initiatives

Most videos for Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiatives feature the head of Human Resources, probably an employer telling their story, and maybe one or two other people.

What if you could capture and share a story or two every week about how employees are experiencing feeling included in the organization? Then share that content over time?

Customer testimonials

With a scarcity mindset, organizations seek out four or five types of customers that will represent a broad swath of the customer base.

What if you could capture as many customer experiences as you wanted? Then use some of them for marketing, or internal learning, … the options are limitless.

Here's a quick exercise to help you explore this idea of democratizing video storytelling: Think about whose voice is missing. Whose voice is not currently being heard that would make a difference for your business?

Create a map of those stories that you want to tell, and then move toward video agility so you can democratize storytelling and capture those unheard voices.

Let's get agile!

Reach out to Kyle Shannon: or 720-449-7077 x103

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