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Video Fragility vs. Video Agility

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

It’s a bit of a cliche at this point to say video is important, and that you should do video content marketing, but it feels terrifying. We call this concept video fragility.

Video is hard because it requires different disciplines: writing, cinematography, lighting, sound, acting, and directing. A good video requires that those disciplines all be decently good. That's why it's so hard and that's why it feels like such a fragile concept.

Key Differences between Video Fragility and Video Agility:

Scarcity vs Abundance

Video Fragility: A scarcity mindset ­– you think it's expensive and it’s slow and you have to be very precious with it.

Video Agility: An abundance mindset – you can have as much as you want.

Centralized vs Democratized

Video Fragility: Centralized –you have to get people into a studio, and usually one only department within an organization is in charge of it.

Video Agility: Democratized – the ability to create content spreads across the organization and beyond.

Days/Weeks vs Hours/Minutes

Video Fragility: A turnaround time for video might be days or even weeks.

Video Agility: You can turn it around quickly ­– in hours or even minutes

Over-produced/Scripted vs Authentic

Video Fragility: Content is over-produced or over-scripted and loses its authenticity.

Video Agility: Content is very authentic. You see authentic videos on TikTok, YouTube or Zoom calls, so why should it be any different when you're putting video out in the world?

Actors/ “Experts” vs Real People

Video Fragility: The only people who can be on screen are actors, experts, or executives. People who've been deemed “important.”

Video Agility: Real people can create content. This allows you to create lots of content and then you can curate the best out of that.

All of those shifts need to happen to move to a new Video Agility mindset. If you like this idea of Video Agility or feel like you're currently in a fragile mindset when it comes to video, then reach out! We’d love to talk about how Storyvine can help take you from video for agility to video agility.

Reach out to Kyle Shannon: or 720-449-7077 x 103.


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