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Using Storyvine for Medical Congresses

Medical Congresses are one of the many types of gatherings that have become virtual due to the pandemic.

Although we are all missing the human element of conferences, such as socializing and networking, there are benefits to being able to watch experts from the comfort of our home.

But medical congresses are more than just a conference. Medical congresses surround a specific topic, with doctors sharing their research and learnings. Details and specifics matter, because this research could bring the medical field forward and have a serious impact on human beings.

When medical congresses go online, how can organizers have doctors and scientists share their research? The easiest and fastest way is to post their findings on a website, often in the form of a medical journal entry or research paper. But with more people consuming video, what if doctors could create a video version explaining their research and findings?

Doctors can do exactly that using Storyvine. We can work with healthcare providers, Pharma companies, or conference organizers to create a VideoGuide template specific to a medical congress topic. It could mimic a journal article with sections for Objective, Background, Design Method, and Results. Or it could be a patient experience video describing symptoms, experience, results, and how they’re moving forward. If everyone at the congress used the same template or series of templates, it becomes possible to easily digest and understand results in a given field of research.

Another by-product of the cancellation of medical congresses is the loss of networking. Not only is it a welcome social component, but that connection can be vital to the study of medicine. Storyvine can develop a template specifically for reaching out to others in a specific field, allowing a healthcare provider or pharma marketer to explain what they’re working on, and who they would like to speak with about their findings.

In the past, we’ve filmed doctors and pharma companies at medical congresses talking about what they’ve seen, what they’re interested in, and introducing new products to the marketplace. The ability to see the faces behind research and products can be instrumental with something as personal as healthcare. Don’t lose that connection just because medical conferences are cancelled or virtual. Storyvine allows you to keep that personal touch.

Reach out to Britta Barr, who can answer any questions or help get you started: or 720-449-7077x100.

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