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The Business Storytelling Podcast

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Storyvine Co-founder/CEO Kyle Shannon was a guest on Christoph Trappe’s Business Storytelling Podcast:

“One of the biggest things I push for when we work with clients isn’t ‘You need video.’ Because not everyone needs video or storytelling. We start with ‘What are you trying to accomplish? Can stories help accomplish that?’

If yes, then we ask, ‘Whose stories are you going to capture and why would they share them? Who’s going to watch those stories and why would they care?’

We start at the foundational level to say as a business what is the value of this? And then it’s not just ‘We need video,’ it’s ‘We need a particular kind of video in service of a business goal.’ So a big part of it is understanding the broader strategy. “

Watch or listen to the full podcast:

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