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Pharma Sales in a Post-Covid World

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Covid19 transformed sales globally – digital adoption replaced in-person meetings, sales reps were laid off or resigned. These changes are likely permanent. Virtual is here to stay, because it is more efficient and convenient. There is no “returning to normal,” so it’s time to move forward and figure out your long-term digital strategy.

The pandemic affected pharma sales in three primary ways:

  • Digital Adoption. Digital Communications and marketing tools adapted overnight. What can you do?Use digital tools to increase efficiency and convenience for HCPs.

  • In-person is out. Real world meetings and events have gone virtual, and most won’t return to “the before times.” What can you do? → Use personalized video to retain and create the “human touch.”

  • Great Resignation. Fewer reps will be asked to produce higher results until – and if – the workforce normalizes. What can you do? → Develop new workflows allowing sales reps to be more effective.

Storyvine solves these problems by providing the convenience of digital communication with the impact of face-to-face interactions.

Maintain the human connection (a 93% advantage!) We’re visual creatures. Researcher Albert Mehrabian found that 55% of communication is non-verbal, 38% is vocal and 7% is words only.

Convenient for HCPs and Sales Reps. Videos are recorded at the Reps’ convenience and can be watched when HCPs have the time and attention to focus on them.

Rise above the noise. More than ever, HCPs are inundated with digital communications. An email with a friendly, familiar face is unique, memorable and appreciated.

Meet regulatory & compliance requirements. We have nearly a decade of experience navigating Med/Legal/Regulatory teams, and have technology workflow solutions and best practices to meet the most complex needs.

Ready to move forward? Learn more at, or reach out to Don Young: Don@

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