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How are Pharma Companies using Storyvine for Sales Enablement?

COVID has made access to HCPs nearly impossible and no one expects a return to open access. Virtual is here to stay, so it’s time to consider if your video marketing strategy is up to the task. With nearly a decade of trusted experience in the healthcare and pharma sector, we can help you modernize your sales enablement strategy to include personalized video.

Elements of Sales Enablement Engagements:

Types of Videos Proving Successful with Sales Teams

  • Logistical Introductions

  • Personal Greetings

  • Disease State/Franchise Messaging

  • Branded Messaging (Pre-recorded & Rep-Recorded)

Gaining Compliance Approvals

  • Successfully Navigate with Med/Legal/Regulatory Teams

Workflow and Video Approval Process Design

  • From simple to complex, we'll work with you

Sharing & CRM Integration

  • Will create customized integration into digital comms platforms, including Veeva

Communications Best Practices

  • Share best practices for communicating directly to HCPs with video

Learn how Storyvine can help you get started with personalized Sales Enablement videos. Reach out to Don Young: Don @

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