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Coronavirus Travel Contingency: Asynchronous Video

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

It's becoming clear that travel and in-person meetings are being impacted as a result of the Coronavirus. While streaming video services like Google Hangouts and Zoom are strong options, they require planning and coordination. Because Storyvine quickly produces high quality, asynchronous video, it is a powerful option in the communications mix. Here's an example that only took a few minutes to produce:


You've probably heard some of the more high profile cancellations recently... Facebook cancelled their annual F8 Developers Conference, and Goldman Sachs has cancelled their annual Parter's meeting. Other companies are putting travel restrictions in place, and even introducing anti-handshake policies as tactics to limit the spread of the disease.

It makes sense that executives are seeking solutions to stay connected in the face of these challenges, and video conferencing companies are seeing an increase in demand. Zoom has seen a 90% increase in downloads of their video conferencing software in the last 30 days vs. the 30 days prior. Their stock price has also doubled as investors are sensing the opportunity.

As powerful as video conferencing and live-streaming solutions are, the fact that they are synchronous, and require all parties to be virtually present in realtime, in order to participate. Traditional video production is a possible solution to create content asynchronously, though it can be time-consuming and expensive, so it's not a viable option if you want to scale production across multiple locations.

Storyvine is non-realtime (asynchronous) and scalable, meaning it can be used to quickly create content without the logistical overhead. Videos are recorded on mobile devices in a guided, step-by-step process that makes it easy for anyone. Fully-edited videos are delivered in minutes, and can be curated & approved from a web-based video management system by executives or comms/project teams.

If you're looking to create Thought Leadership videos, Executive Communications, or even Best Practices & Training content, an asynchronous approach gives you new options as we manage through this crisis.

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