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3 Reasons Storyvine is perfect for Healthcare Companies

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Storyvine Sales Manager Rich Ryan explains the top reasons why Storyvine is perfect for the healthcare space.

1. Video at Scale. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small non-profit, you have incredible stories to tell. With Storyvine’s guided capture and automated editing you have a limitless ability to capture videos at a fraction of the cost of traditional video.

2. Storyvine is trusted and complaint. Over our ten-year history we have worked throughout the healthcare space, with pharma, medical devices, hospital networks, and more. We have navigated numerous medical review processes and have become a trusted partner in the space.

3. Authenticity. Because Storyvine videos are shot directly by the storymaker, they maintain a level of authenticity that you don’t get with professional video.

No matter what size company you are, we can give you the super power to create video at scale, that is authentic, and brand and regulatory compliant.

Reach out to Rich Ryan at or 720-449-7077 ext 111.

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