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Case Study: Filming Patient Stories at Scale

Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Times have changed. In this new era of personalized medicine, influencer marketing, and customer authenticity, Pharma companies need to put real patient stories at the core of their communication and marketing strategies.

But as one pharma marketer recently said to us, “It's not sustainable for me to spend $100K for one two-minute patient testimonial video.” These cost challenges, plus compliance and approval requirements, are significant obstacles for Pharma and Medical Device companies in using video in their sales and marketing efforts.


Storyvine solves scale, cost, and compliance challenges. Because everything is filmed via mobile, Storyvine allows people to film whenever, wherever, and companies can create unlimited videos for a fraction of the cost of traditional video production. Not only is content easily captured, but a professionally-produced video is ready in about 5 minutes.

We have successfully navigated the complex regulatory requirements of healthcare marketing, and we’re a trusted partner by over 50% of the top 20 global pharma companies. We work with both US and global markets healthcare leaders in creating unlimited patient stories unique for their audiences.


Pharma Marketers are creating authentic, regulator-friendly patient videos at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods, allowing them to get more for their spend with outstanding results.

  • “As a pharma marketer who uses Storyvine, I’ve been nothing but impressed by the amount and quality of patient testimonials that I’m able to create using the Storyvine platform. I would highly recommend you to all my colleagues.”

  • “The amount of dollars that I spend on patient videos has actually decreased but I’m getting more video than ever before because my subscription includes unlimited video.”

  • “My compliance team loves Storyvine because the Storyvine team understands healthcare from a regulatory point of view which makes my life easier, yet we’re still creating content that’s very authentic and resonates with our customers, the patent.”

Interested in learning more? Email Don Young at Don@Storyvine and/or if you would like to discuss live, click here to set up a meeting.

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