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Sales Enablement in a Post-Covid World

Are your Sales Reps finding it more challenging to access HCPs? Here's how a major pharmaceutical company used Storyvine to drive engagement and sales.


COVID changed how reps could interact with their customers. When the country shut down in March 2020, a top ten pharmaceutical company found that live interactions between their sales representatives and their customers were severely diminished. This lack of customer access had the potential to impact revenue, and the company needed to find new tools to enable their sales teams to virtually drive customer engagement and more importantly, sales.

The company also had to find a solution that worked in a highly regulated environment.


The company turned to Storyvine to solve this challenge. Because Storyvine is about creating authentic connections through video, we knew that we could help sales teams build connections with their customers.

People are visual creatures. Researcher Albert Mehrabian found that 55% of communication is nonverbal, 38% is vocal, and 7% is words only. We knew that video would rise above the noise and help sales teams achieve success even when live interactions weren't an option.

The sales reps used Storyvine video to engage customers who had been unresponsive. They created and embedded personalized videos into their emails, which allowed them to introduce themselves, recognize a special event for their customers, follow up with any outstanding questions, and invite prospects to engage with them, even if they couldn’t meet with them live.This approach not only increased customer engagement, it also resulted in sales.


“Every initial reach out resulted in a meeting being scheduled.” - Associate Director, Regional Marketing


A 5x INCREASE… “I booked 10 meetings from 40 video intros, vs. only 2 meetings from 40 text-only intros.” - Senior Regional Marketing Associate


I’m seeing a double digit increase in new sales because of Storyvine.”

- Marketing Manager


If you're seeking an innovative way to connect with customers that will work in a regulated industry, Storyvine can help. Video has the power to drive engagement with timely and authentic videos that keep the human connection active. Storyvine can easily scale, is cost-effective, simple to use, and can integrate with your CRM.

If you want to discuss this Sales Innovation application further, please reach out to or 720-449-7077 x111.

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