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WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)

What inspires people to film? ...What inhibits them? ... What can you do to encourage more filmers?

Before beginning a filming project, you need to answer those questions. Organizations we work with are always clear on why they want people to film (e.g. to raise awareness, to help with fundraising), but can be less clear about what would inspire their patients or employees to do so. That disconnect can yield disappointing results.

Part of our job at Storyvine is to help determine why potential storymakers might want to film a video about a candidate, prescription medicine, event, etc. We call this The WIIFM (“What’s in it for me?”). In an earlier post, we outlined a broad strategy on how to get people to film. Now we’re doing a deep dive into why they would actually want to.

Here’s what we’ve learned about why people create videos:

  • They want to feel connected with a larger community. Patients will often share their story to feel connected with others similarly diagnosed and to feel less alone.

  • They want to feel needed, like they’re making a difference by spreading the word. This is especially true for non-profits, whose supporters are passionate about their story and want it to be heard.

  • They want to feel appreciated, and/or gain social capital (“Do I get kudos or recognition if I do this?”). Never underestimate the power of an ego boost, or just simple positive reinforcement.

  • They want to receive a tangible reward. External motivations can really light a fire under potential filmers. (“Film your non-profit story for a chance to win one of four $2500 prizes!”) A client who did this yielded more than 300 videos.

So before you begin filming, make sure you’re ticking at least one of those boxes. If you need help determining your WIIFM, reach out at or 720-449-7077.

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