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The Technology Behind Storyvine: Aristotle vs AI

Storyvine is an innovative guided video platform that automates video production. Oftentimes when people hear what Storyvine does, they get curious about how we do it, and ask if we’re using Artificial Intelligence. We’re not, because it’s actually simpler than that.

What we mean by a “guided video platform” is that our app guides someone step-by-step through telling their story. The “big secret” with Storyvine is that those step-by-step prompts are actually a mini hero’s journey. It’s story structure. So we ask someone to introduce themselves, and then there’s a set-up question, a meaty middle, and an end. It’s a simple beginning-middle-end story structure that we walk someone through. So that story structure is a technology, but the ability to break a story into little segments and capture those segments is the key to what makes Storyvine work.

Innovation doesn’t have to be about crazy technology, and a lot of the time it’s simpler than you think – it’s just looking at a problem in a different way. Because sometimes looking to the past is the best way to move forward into the future.

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