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The PRO-UGC Video Manifesto

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

What is Pro-UGC video and why do you need it?

If you haven't heard by now, video is "the next big thing." From Brand Storytelling, to Voice of the Customer, to Content Marketing, there is no shortage of models that place video at the center of the modern marketing and communications strategies.

Why? Because video works. Well-produced stories of your brand told by your people can be incredibly powerful, and drive revenue, customer engagement and word-of-mouth like little else.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s findings,

B2B and B2C research for 2020 show that:

➤ 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing

➤ 66% of B2C marketers use video marketing

But, the proverbial Elephant in the Room: If you want more video, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PRODUCE IT?

Option 1 - PRO-Video

Professional video is fantastic. The storytelling is compelling, the look and feel are inspiring and on-brand, and nothing goes live to the world until everyone is happy with it.

The big challenge is COMPLEXITY & COST of traditional production. Increasing video production even slightly can dramatically impact budget, timing or both.

Option 2 - UGC-Video

User-Generated Content is very compelling on the surface. UGC video can be very authentic, you can have as much as you want, and it’s incredibly timely.

The problem? It’s COMPLETELY out of your control. Quality, messaging and branding are random at best, and potentially damaging to your organization.

Ideally, an organization should be able to find a middle ground between these two worlds, and even collaborate with their constituents to co-create media that is authentic, brand-appropriate, and truly scalable. Enter Pro-UGC Video.

PRO-UGC Video – The Best of Both Worlds

Watch Storyvine's Founder and CEO Kyle Shannon explain, "What is PRO-UGC Video?"

If you truly want to scale video storytelling, you need video that is both Professional and Scalable. Until very recently, this concept wasn’t even possible. With the proliferation of high-quality mobile device cameras and technologies that leverage them, PRO-UGC video is easily within reach of organizations that want to up their video game.

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6 PRO-UGC Video Attributes

In order for video to be considered PRO-UGC Video, it must combine the following six video attributes:

  1. Mobile Production – Doesn’t require a film crew Capturing video using the billions of mobile devices (phones and tablets) that have high-quality cameras built in solves one of the most vexing challenges of video production, getting the raw footage to build your stories from.

  2. Structured (or Guided) Story Capture – Improve quality and consistency of storytelling Simply tapping the record button and talking isn’t storytelling. A story requires a beginning, a middle and an end. By prompting an end-user what they should say, in what order makes it easier for them to answer, and creates consistently well-crafted video stories.

  3. Follows Brand Guidelines – On-brand look & feel Companies, organizations, governments and communities are represented with basic brand elements such as logos, fonts and brand colors, and videos must match these requirements.

  4. Automated/Templated Editing – Can truly scale video production Without some level of automation or efficiency, traditional video production quickly becomes a bottleneck and the promise of scalability is lost.

  5. Approval System/Process – Nothing goes live until it’s been approved When creating branded content, especially video, the ability to review to ensure content is on-message, and meets quality standards is critical. Ideally the system you use makes the approval process as efficient as possible.

  6. Data-Rich Video Management & Curation - Ability to leverage the content over time. Once you scale video production, you’ve created a content bank that increases in value as you add more. The easier it is to discover, remix and reuse content, the more valuable your content library becomes.

It is possible to create PRO-UGC Video by combining the above with a combination of technologies and process improvements, though it is complicated and requires a lot of discipline, training and technical integration.

Storyvine is a Guided Video platform that “Automagically” produces PRO-UGC Videos within minutes.

The good news is that there are proven technology platforms, such as Storyvine, that deliver the combination of technologies to deliver PRO-UGC Video to your organization. Storyvine is a Guided Video platform that “Automagically” produces PRO-UGC Videos within minutes. It has three major components that deliver the goods.

The 3 Major Components of Storyvine's Guided Video Platform

  1. Storyvine App - End users (Storymakers) are guided step-by-step through telling their story, making it easy for even amateurs to look and sound like pros.

  2. “Automagic” Editing - Storyvine videos are edited in the cloud within minutes, delivering a fully-edited, branded video without the need for manual production.

  3. Video Management Dashboard - Your organization manages everything centrally from a secure web-based dashboard that makes it easy to invite Storymakers, review, approve and curate videos, then publish approved videos anywhere, including platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

If you want to increase your use of video for marketing and communications purposes, PRO-UGC Video delivers on the promise of a future filled with engaging videos at scale.

Need help brainstorming ideas on how your company can use it? Reach out and we’ll schedule some time to talk!, 720-449-7077.

Learn more about Storyvine's New Home Healthcare NOW Kit, which helps health care agencies attract talent and grow their organizations.

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