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The Opportunity at Storyvine

Humans matter. That’s one of our core values and is the essence of everything we do at Storyvine. It’s in how we treat one another, and how we treat clients.

Our mission is to democratize storytelling. Why? Because humans matter. Everyone has a story to tell. That’s what Storyvine does– reconnects us as humans, allows us to authentically tell our stories, and empowers our clients to do that at scale.

We work primarily with healthcare, non-profits, and political/advocacy groups. Here are some ways they’ve used Storyvine:

· Patients sharing their diagnosis journeys or experiences with a particular treatment

· Doctors explaining case studies or creating peer-to-peer education

· Activists filming education videos surrounding a cause

· Constituents sharing their excitement for a political candidate

· Sales teams filming personalized introduction videos to potential customers.

This is an opportunity to join Storyvine at an exciting time. You’d be joining a remarkably passionate and talented team, that is still small enough to feel like family. But we’re growing! We’re looking for people who believe in our mission, who want to join a team that truly cares about each other, and who want to make a difference in the world.

We’re hiring!

We’re currently seeking a Sales Executive. If you’re a talented, motivated sales professional with some pharma or healthcare industry chops, this might be the perfect position for you!

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