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The New Storyvine NOW Grassroots Advocacy Kit

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

If you can get enough people talking about why they support your cause, that tells a larger narrative that can spark a movement.

Are you managing a grassroots movement to influence public opinion and government action? If you want to change people’s hearts and minds, then your message needs to be authentic and far-reaching. Video is a powerful and efficient way to hook and engage audiences. And with authenticity at a premium, you need to put your supporters at the heart of your storytelling.

Real people telling real stories.

People are increasingly forming their opinions based on what they see online, so your message needs to quickly and seamlessly reach audiences where they are. Mobilizing supporters to film personal videos can seem daunting, and you understandably want the assurance that the outcome will be high-quality, on message and brand. Storyvine does just that - its fully automated, guided video platform makes it possible to scale video storytelling across communities and organizations.

Our newest offering, the Storyvine NOW Grassroots Advocacy Kit, is custom built for the needs of associations, social groups, and civic minded organizers to power your public advocacy campaigns. These pre-built templates will let your staff, volunteers, legislators, and engaged citizens use their iOS or Android smartphone to create unlimited numbers that you can activate in minutes from anywhere, anytime.

What’s included:

  • Three VideoGuide templates offering a variety of storytelling moments

  • Automagic editing that stitches together clips complete with graphics, music, transitions in a matter of minutes

  • Back-end dashboard management to ensure no matter where a video is filmed, program managers can review, approve and download from any connected device.

  • Direct publish to YouTube to quickly, easily mobilize and engage your community

Get your communities talking! Make it easy for them to support your cause by creating professional-looking, brand-consistent videos that address the issues you want discussed. Purchase our Grassroots Advocacy Storyvine NOW kit now.

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