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The New Normal Podcast: Kyle Shannon Returns to Announce Our New Project Live Local with 9News

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Kyle Shannon is a repeat offender! On The New Normal podcast, that is. He got dressed up in his good shirt to talk about our initiative with 9 News Denver to help local businesses get back on their feet.

“We wanted to create a template for local businesses to be able to share how they’ve been impacted by COVID19 and how their community can help,” Kyle says.

It works like this: Sign up for the free Storyvine template, answer some questions in the app, and a few minutes later you’ll get a fully edited promotional video for your business. If it gets approved by 9 News, it gets re-skinned with 9News branding, and is shared on the Colorado and Company You Tube channel and digital channels, plus some selected videos will be shown on broadcast.

“It’s an incredible community service,” Kyle says. “It’s the kind of project why Storyvine exists in the first place. Because it should never be a nightmare to create a two-minute video.”

Kyle gets rolling at 3:48, and begins talking about our 9news partnership at 4:30. To create your own video click here!

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