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The Future of Marketing is Video and Storytelling

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Video, video, video. One of the main takeaways from the Social Media Marketing World conference (February 29-March 2, San Diego) was that if your company isn’t creating videos then you’re falling behind. That is probably even more true now than it was two weeks ago.

Here are 6 pieces of advice on how to use video in your marketing.

1. Video is the future, so get comfortable with it. Get comfortable using it, and get comfortable being in front of a camera. Be Human. Inspire. Educate. Entertain.

2. Your company culture IS your marketing. Can you describe your company culture? (Storyvine’s is understanding, respectful, helpful, and a little quirky.) Relatedly, don’t hesitate to show that culture. People want to see who you are.

3. Brands shouldn’t ask “How can I get your attention?” they should ask, “How can I gain your trust?” and one of the best ways to do that is to share real stories.

4. Stories are 23x more memorable than a typical marketing message. Memory, engagement, empathy, and connection are all triggered through stories. Learn how to tell one.

5. Don’t sacrifice your video for the Call-To-Action. Put your CTA in the last 20% of your video. If you put it any earlier, people will click away from your video to follow the CTA. So think about when exactly you want them to do that.

6. When filming a video don’t show signs that you’re wrapping up. Words and phrases like “Lastly…” or “And finally…” trigger audiences to click away as soon as they hear them.

In the spirit of that last point, I’m not going to write an outro, because “always keep them coming back for more,” so look forward to my next blog post. In the meantime, visit our YouTube page for help on How to Look Natural on Camera and The Art of Storytelling.

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