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The 3 S's: Structure, Speed, Scale

The 3 reasons to use Storyvine are Structure, Speed, Scale. We call them the 3 S’s.

Structure: Storyvine captures video in a structured way by guiding users through the process, question by question. This structure makes it very comfortable for the person doing the filming, because they only have to focus on answering one question at a time. Instead of worrying about the whole video, they can take it piece by piece and put more thought into each answer.

This also makes it easier for any follow-up editing. Managers can can log in to our CRM content management system and see the answers to all of those questions, catalogued and tagged.

Speed: We produce videos in about 5-10 minutes after the assets are uploaded from the user’s phone., complete with professional transitions, lower third, music, etc. So you can post the video within 10 minutes of shooting it.

Scale: We can produce more videos than you ever knew you wanted! In fact, one of our clients – a healthcare advocacy organization – produced 725 videos in a 12-month period using only volunteers!

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