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Storyvine utilized for CME

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Storyvine has been incorporated into its first CME activity as sponsored by the Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL). The CME profession and the CME community can take advantage of the power of Storyvine to create video that is cost effective, engaging, and authentic!

Here are 5 potential use cases to use Storyvine in your next CME activity:

1. Patient stories: This is how ACHL incorporated Storyvine into their CME activity; patients talked about their condition.

2. HCP testimonials. Much like patient testimonials, Healthcare Practitioner testimonials are also very powerful, especially delivered in video form.

3. Patient and HCP dialog. Think of this as like Ask The Expert, where a patient asks a question, and a physician responds.

4. Virtual and Live events. The power of Storyvine is that you’re able to record someone and have professionally-edited videos in 5 minutes. This allows you to post videos about an event while at the event.

5. Outcomes research. Because Storyvine is cost efficient in the way we do video , you can measure learners’ using videos before activity, after an activity, and even 3-6 months after an activity.

The possibilities are endless when you begin to understand how Storyvine can supercharge any CME activity.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Storyvine can become a foundational component of all your CME activities, or if you have some new ideas of how to use video in current or future CME activities let’s talk! Reach out to don @storyvine.com

Full Press Release below.


Storyvine Announces a Partnership with The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning

Launches First CME Activity Utilizing Storyvine to Generate Authentic Patient User Videos

DENVER – May 4, 2021 – Storyvine, Inc., a leading pro user-generated video platform, announced today the launch of their first continuing medical education (CME) in partnership with The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL), an independently owned and operated full service medical education company that has been developing certified healthcare education for nearly twenty years. ACHL is accredited to provide continuing education programs for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, case managers and dietitians.

“As we continue to build out innovative and cost-effective CME activities, we are pleased to partner with Storyvine to feature authentic patient video use cases to strengthen the effectiveness and real-life learnings for our physician learners,” stated Lisa Keckich, Executive Director for ACHL. “The demand for engaging video creation increases each year and our constituents will benefit from the ease and cost effectiveness of video creation via the Storyvine platform.”

Storyvine VideoGuide templates simplify video creation by guiding CME providers through a series of step-by-step, prompted questions. Once the responses are filmed, users upload the video, and it goes through an “Automagically” edit process that results in a branded video in less than five minutes. The Storyvine Video Management System allows HCPs or patients to film anywhere from a smartphone and produces a professional-looking video that can be downloaded and shared across content learning platforms.

According to Don Young, Storyvine GM Healthcare, one of the first opportunities he saw when he joined Storyvine was with CME providers. “CME is a natural extension of our work in healthcare. CME providers, like all our constituents in healthcare, are looking for ways for patients and HCP’s to create authentic, compliant and cost-effective video that enhances the user experience, in this case to make clinical stories come alive.”

The Stroyvine platform allows CME professionals to use their iOS or Android smartphone to create unlimited videos, including:

Patient Testimonials: Easily create a patient video to help your HCPs better understand their medical history and provide real-life case studies

HCP Insights or Commentary: Create a simple video overview of HCP clinical insights

“Real time” event or meeting updates: Allow attendees and faculty easily share their experience from any live or virtual event

Training Videos: Easily create training video while still maintain human authenticity

Our CME video creation offers unlimited videos, provider branding, pre-built video templates, access to two program managers and up to 50 story makers a month, as well as the ability to publish to YouTube automatically. To learn more, please contact don@storyvine.com


About ACHL

The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL) is an independently owned and operated full service medical education company that has been developing certified healthcare education for nearly twenty years.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and supported by a staff of twenty full-time employees, ACHL actively engages and collaborates with diverse stakeholders in healthcare to improve the quality of care by developing comprehensive educational strategies reflective of the multifaceted and globally diverse healthcare environment. Through this collaborative model, we seek to transform the reach and redefine the value of IME. For more, visit www.achleducation.com

About Storyvine

Storyvine is a Denver-based pro user-generated video platform company that helps clients create and manage short form, guided videos using nothing more than a phone and Storyvine’s Video Management platform. Founded in 2012, Storyvine’s clients include multi-nationals, corporate marketing and communications, advocacy and non-profit groups, among others, that want to use video to simplify storytelling to move the business forward. Storyvine combines distributed capture, asset management and fully automated video editing, to allow clients to capture, produce and share the insights, knowledge, and stories that define their brand.

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Sarah Thorson



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