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We Partnered with 9 News to Help Local Denver Businesses

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

We partnered with 9News Denver on an initiative called “Live Local on Colorado & Company, powered by Storyvine and 9News”, which allows local businesses to create free, professional videos as they reopen their doors to the community.

As Denver locals, we’re amped to collaborate with 9News to support local businesses. As co-founders of Storyvine, we’re proud of the positive impact our technology can have in these uncertain times.

Storyvine and 9News are providing this offering at no cost as businesses get back on their feet. Businesses use the Storyvine app to easily capture their videos, and 9News then promotes the businesses by hosting their videos on the Colorado & Company YouTube channel, digital channels, and even feature some selected businesses on broadcast.

Click here to get started.

Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay connected.

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