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Storyvine Best Practices: The 3 Versions of Don

Pro video class in session!

When our new General Manager, Healthcare, Don Young was tasked with creating an "I've Joined Storyvine" video, he ended up re-filming it twice based on our feedback. (He's a very good sport.)

We wanted to share them, because they represent a perfect example of evolution incorporating a number of best practices we share with clients.

Note, all three of these videos would be perfectly fine to use, but you'll see how videos 1 & 2 have issues that are distracting.

Video #1 - Nice Script!

On the surface this looks good, but notice as he gets into the meat of the video, you can see that he's reading a script. Take note how this distracts from the message and authenticity.

Video #2 - Camera is OVER HERE -->

Two issues with this video. Don ignored Gary the Guide for the title photo, hence the graphics are on his face, but also, he was looking at the screen rather than the camera. Notice again, that it's odd that he's not talking directly to "you."

On the PLUS side, he's not reading and his humanity shines through... super authentic... a big step up from #1.

Video #3 - NAILED IT!

A bunch of things to notice here:

• He seems relaxed in the photo and throughout (practice actually does make perfect).

• He's getting across all of the information, but it feels like he’s saying it in his own words.

• He's looking right at the camera so he feels more connected.

The differences in these 3 videos are subtle but very powerful in terms of effectiveness of communication. So think about these as you film your own videos.

If you're in the healthcare space, Don wants to hear from you! He can share more tips and tricks that he's learned from filming several videos himself. Reach out at or 720-449-7077 ext 101.

Class dismissed!

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