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Shout Out Colorado

Storyvine Co-founder/CEO Kyle Shannon chatted with Shout Out Colorado:

Hi Kyle Shannon, what is the most important factor behind your success? The most important factor behind my success is having a healthy relationship between passion and reality with a driving force of curiosity.

Even though I dreamed of being an actor, I began my college education in computer science, but quickly became disillusioned, and switched my major to theatre. It was the first major moment where I committed to what’s become a lifelong passion: the art of storytelling. This strategy led my career.

What keeps you busy professionally? Storytelling is my art. I’m a trained storyteller and have practiced my art in acting, writing [screenplays and the online magazine Urban Desires], learning large scale brand storytelling at AGENCY[dot]COM and now in building video creation platform. My vision is to democratize video storytelling, and we’re very much on the verge. The balance between passion and reality has always brought me to the crossroads of self-expression and storytelling.

I’m curious about the world and truly love expressing how I interpret the world through different forms of art – whether it’s on a stage or in a video, it’s storytelling. I learned many lessons over the last few decades. No matter what the project is, it always takes longer than you think it will. And there’s really no difference between great success and great failure. It’s the same amount of commitment; the main difference is all the stuff that happens out of your control. I’m pretty sure 99% of it is out of your control, well at least in my experience…But the best part is learning more about yourself and who you are along the way.

Read the full interview at Shout Out Colorado.

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