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Our New Account Coordinator Hafeezah Ali

Meet our new Account Coordinator, Hafeezah Ali!

Hafeezah loves stories and storytelling. Prior to joining Storyvine, she worked at a film equipment house in New York City, helping filmmakers source the equipment they needed to tell the stories they wanted. She also volunteered at film festivals, in addition to writing and directing some short films and commercials of her own.

Now she’s moving on to the next chapter of her life. At Storyvine, she’s your friendly Account Coordinator, who will be working with our clients from beginning to end on developing story strategy, template prompts, and training on best practices to ensure the most authentic story capture.

“It’s really exciting what you can do with an idea and how it builds into something greater than you thought it would be originally,” Hafeezah says. “That’s why I’m here and what I’m looking forward to. The stories that we gather, the people we connect, the information that we learn. It’s a beautiful, intrinsic, and organic process, and I can’t wait to explore that with our storymakers.”

Welcome Hafeezah! We can’t wait to play a mean game of Scattergories once we can all get together in person again.

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