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Introducing Video Dating Templates

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, and several of our single friends looking to level

up their dating profiles, we created “Dating Templates” for our Storyvine Guided Videos. It’s an experiment for us: partly for fun, partly for insights.

There’s a gap in video for dating services, and it’s a gap we bridge. Some dating sites offer versions of video chats. Other sites are offering “videos” that are essentially just a montage of still photos. Neither are ideal. People don’t want to video chat. It’s live. You’re chatting. It’s basically a first date. (And who knows what to say on those days anyway?) And people don’t want a “video” of still images. Those don’t tell you anything more than singular, still images that aren’t set to music. We think we know what you want. Help us determine if we’re right.

We think people want natural, as-real-as-possible “Let me tell you a bit about myself…” videos. We also think that most people’s comfort level with taking videos of themselves borders from low to… lower. Based on these assumptions, we created Video Templates that allow people to first choose from three different personality types, and then to create a video by answering questions about yourself, which are based on your personality type. People don’t have to stress about “What will I say?”, “What if I ramble?”… With our Guided Video Templates, people are prompted to answer certain questions, which increases their comfort level and allows them to be more themselves, which we think is WHY people want video profiles: To get the best sense of what someone is like, prior to the first date.

Prove us right or wrong and please provide input on the following:

  1. Would seeing a video of someone before agreeing to a date increase your comfort level with online dating?

  2. What is your comfort level with posting a video in your dating profile?

  3. Would your comfort level increase if you had a template / Video Guide to follow?

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