• Kyle Shannon

Introducing the “Story Drive” for Non-Profit Fundraising

Are you a non-profit looking for new ways to raise money in the absence of events?

We’re guessing the answer is YES. Since events are on the back-burner for the foreseeable future, we thought about ways our non-profit clients could use Storyvine for fundraising. Through a number of discussions we’ve had with our non-profit clients grappling with cancelled fundraising events, we’ve come up with a Storyvine-based idea we’re calling a Story Drive.

The Importance of Storytelling

In-person events are fantastic for fundraising because they allow potential donors to see the people who have been impacted. To hear their stories. To feel the need and to be a part of something larger. It is the humanity behind these stories that inspires donors in the moment.

That desire to connect with each other and to share stories illustrating the best of humanity has not gone away. We see it every day on conference calls and FaceTime and social media. The desire to share our humanity has not been put on the back burner, but those in-person events have, so we have to find ways to adapt.

And we thought to ourselves, “This is what Storyvine excels at! Using video to guide people to tell their stories.” How can we replicate an in-person fundraiser? We think the answer lies in the combination of video storytelling and creating a playful sense of urgency.

What is a Story Drive?

Tap into people’s need to connect and share in the moment. A Story Drive uses video to build on the basic model of a walk or a run. Instead of sponsoring a person per mile they run/walk, a donor sponsors someone (or a “Story Team”) for each video story they collect. For example, a sponsor could donate $3 for each story told. Set a goal of 100 stories total, or 10 per team, or 2 per family, or whatever might inspire some action… and donations!

Have fun with it! You can make it a game. Maybe longer stories are worth more money. Or ask every person who tells their story to challenge someone else to tell theirs, making your campaign go viral. Perhaps your main sponsor will match every donation after you’ve hit 25 stories.Then instead of $75 ($3 for 25 stories), you have $150.

How it works

Decide what kind of story you want each person to tell and Storyvine will create a customized or semi-customized VideoGuide for your fundraising program. This VideoGuide takes each person step-by-step through telling their story, so even the shyest person can easily do it.

Not only will you have a collection of stories for use for marketing and development, but it has the added benefit of getting donors more involved in the process. So if you want to find a positive in the current circumstances, that may be one.

Nothing can fully replace the essence of in-person an event, but you can still use video to reach people’s hearts (and their wallets).

Have questions? Do you want to brainstorm some ideas? We're all ears! Please call up Mac McIntosh and she'll be happy to schedule something: 720-449-7077*105 mac@storyvine.com.

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