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Inspiring Examples of How People are Using the Update Template

A few weeks ago we released a free VideoGuide Update template to make it easy for people to create video updates for their companies, teams or loved ones. We've seen some remarkable ways people have used it to stay connected, so we thought we’d share a few.

Schools are using it – teachers, students talking to their friends, a school psychologist using it to do updates for her classes. Even an executive director of a school did an update while sitting in the school hallway saying how much she missed her kids. It was amazing.

We’ve seen a lot of interest from the community space, everything from non-profit program updates to government responses to COVID-19. We got one from Ohio’s Vote-by-Mail program giving an update on the program’s extension, which was a great way to use the template.

Businesses have been using it for major announcements, for coaching, and for keeping their teams connected.

In the Healthcare space, we’ve had a lot of physicians sharing updates with their teams, thank you’s to nurses and other healthcare workers, and status updates of facilities.

On the personal front, people are sharing updates with family members who are far away, such as kids to their grandparents.

This is just awesome to see. Thank you for using this, and we hope it continues to provide value.

If you’d like to make one of your own, download the Storyvine app from the App Store or Google Play. Learn more about how the template works:

Stay safe, and know that you're not alone.

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