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Innovative Ways Our Clients Use Storyvine

Some inspiring ideas on different ways to film.

Creativity is inspiring, and we love seeing interesting ways that clients have used Storyvine. These Storyvine clients thought outside the box (and inside the frame!):

Allowed filmers to remain anonymous

These storymakers supporting Planned Parenthood wished to remain anonymous because some of their stories were quite personal. A professional film crew can anonymize people with lighting tricks or pixelation, but that’s not as easy for the average person to do. Undaunted, these women simply faced the camera anywhere but at themselves. Most of them filmed straight down at their shoes. The result was a series of videos that were more captivating and compelling because of the unexpected camera angles.

Mastered “Show don’t tell.”

Whoever said “don’t work with children or animals,” hasn’t met Dog Training Elite. This local dog training business used our free Live Local template (part of our partnership with 9 News Denver) to demonstrate exactly what they offer. A great example of “Show, don’t tell”! Not only is it totally cute, but clearly a lot of thought and planning went into this video, to make use of the entire frame and area around them. So when deciding where to film, don’t just think about lighting, think about what else can be in frame that can support your message.

Creatively added subtitles for the hearing impaired.

This local theatre company used the free template we created in partnership with Community First Foundation, part of Colorado Gives Day. The Director of the company, who is hearing impaired, holds cards up like subtitles as a woman off screen does the speaking. Similar to the “Show don’t tell,” example above, Phamaly perfectly demonstrated its mission to be a creative home for artists with disabilities to “upend conventional narratives.” So don’t be afraid to move beyond a talking head.

(By the way, you can add subtitles to your own video by uploading it to YouTube and set them to auto-generate. There are also several apps and companies like 3 Play Media that do this as well.)

Those are just three examples! We see lots of good ones every day. So don’t be afraid to try something different with your videos. The results may surprise you and have a bigger impact that you originally planned.

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