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How Non-Profits Can Affordably Create Impactful Video

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

It's a new day for non-profits and advocacy organizations. More than ever, your message needs to be heard. But with time and resources limited, what's the best way to do that?

Video is the most popular form of content—78% of people watch online videos once a week—and it's especially effective for non-profits. With a real person telling a real story, combined with music and good editing, you can take your audience on an emotional journey that is very powerful.

The problem is that professional video is expensive, hard to scale, and takes up to two weeks to create one video. You don't have time or money for that!

Enter Storyvine and “Pro-UGC” ­– Professional User Generated Content. Pro-UGC video sits in the world between Professional and UGC and shares the best attributes of both. Like Professional, it’s structured storytelling that is branded, and you can approve it before it goes live to the world. But it’s mobile-produced like UGC, with people filming selfie-style, so it’s authentic, and you can create and distribute it without a film crew.

Why is Storyvine’s Pro-UGC video perfect for non-profits and advocacy organizations?

Authenticity: Keeping the human element

Nothing has more impact than hearing real stories from real people who can take others through their journey. We make it easy for potential donors to see the people who have been affected.

Scale: Capture as many stories as you want

Authenticity has impact, so the more real stories the better. Because Storyvine videos are created via a mobile phone app, anyone can film from anywhere. We can produce more videos than you ever knew you wanted.

Easy-to-use: Templates guide the way

You decide what stories you want told, and then our app guides people step-by-step through the process of telling their own story. All they need is a smart phone.

Speed: Ready to post in minutes

Videos take about 5-10 minutes to produce, complete with professional transitions, lower third, music, etc, all without the costly burden of professional video production.

Control: You decide what goes live

All videos are uploaded to our cloud-based CMS. Nothing goes live until it’s been approved, so you can ensure that content is on-message.

How can we help your non-profit?

Reach out to Monique Elwell at or 720-449-7077, x104.

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