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Denver Bootcamps: 37 Denver Companies to Watch in 2020

Denver Bootcamps is a hub for coders and other tech enthusiasts to discover the top resources, bootcamps and companies in the city. Storyvine made their list of Top 37 companies to watch.

"According to a Global Startup Ecosystem report, Denver is one of the most outstanding cities for tech growth this year. The city is on par with other tech hubs like Seattle, Singapore, and Vancouver. This report was based on financial growth, available funding, and global success."

Storyvine is a video company dedicated to returning the human element to technology. The company gives customers the ability to capture and share polished videos able to improve business engagement, sales, and customer and employee retention on a scale previously impossible. Storyvine’s Guided Video taps into the market to serve as a bridge to professional production and user-generated content.
The company grows and builds a team of assertive, organized, polished, and passionate professionals. Employee benefits and perks include paid vacation and working with a small but mighty team of people. “Human’s matter” is one of Storyvine’s core values and it is a lens to view almost every aspect of the business.

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