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Contribute to our Storyvine NOW Kickstarter Campaign!

Are you a campaign manager looking to create unlimited campaign videos? Help us help you, by donating to our Kickstarter campaign.

Political campaign managers need a way for their candidate and supporters to tell their stories in a consistent way. That’s what we want to create - a VideoGuide template that takes each person through their story. The result will be a fully edited, professional-looking video in less than 5 minutes.

First, some background: Our original concept for Storyvine was a self-service version of our current video technology. We’ve spent the last few years progressively automating things, and now we’re able to develop Storyvine NOW™, a more cost-effective DIY-approach to creating the videos that we’re known for: authentic, branded, and professional-looking.

But we need your help. To roll out the new product, we’re launching a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN aimed at political campaign managers who need a way for their candidate and supporters to use their iOS or Android smart phone to create short form, guided videos that feature:

1) Campaign Updates:Where I Am and What Happened(In this 60-90 second video the Candidate (or Staffer) shares their key takeaways from an event or even a news item of the day.)   

2) GrassrootsSupportersWhy I Support My Candidate (A Supporter shares why they support their favorite Candidate in a 30-90 second video.) 

3) Policies/IssuesAn Issue,Why It’s Important, and Where I Stand (In this 1-2 minute video, the Candidate (or Constituent) discusses a key Campaign Issue, what their connection to it is, and where they stand on that Issue.)

So, if you’re a Campaign Manager or Candidate – or know a Campaign Manager or Candidate – then we hope this is helpful. Let us know by voting/funding for this kit. If you’re not a Campaign Manager, then we’re still excited to share this news and we’re open to hearing from all of you re: which kit we should create next.

Click here to donate. Thank you for supporting us!

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