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Case Study: Powering Pharmaceutical Reps' Sales

Updated: Jan 31, 2022


Ongoing trends in healthcare were already making sales rep access to HCPs challenging, but COVID has made access to HCPs nearly impossible. Moving forward, no one expects a return to open access, and pharmaceutical companies are seeking ways to pitch their products in a digital landscape. As one of our clients at a major pharma company recently said, “Virtual is here to stay,” which is why they engaged Storyvine to improve their sales via an alternative, but still personal, method of engaging with HCPs.


86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. That number will continue grow, as in-person meetings continue to decline.

Personalized videos by sales reps have proven to increase HCP engagement. Storyvine allows your company to scale video generation to create personalized video outreach to your HCPs that’s regulatory friendly, simple to use, cost effective, integrates with your CRM, and more importantly, get more HCPs writing new scripts.


“As a pharma rep who started right when the pandemic hit, meeting my HCP customers was almost impossible, but since I started using Storyvine video emails I’m seeing near 100% response from my customers on my outreach which is resulting in more meetings then I’ve ever been able to schedule beforehand”

“In my first usage of Storyvine, I wanted to gauge my response rate using video as opposed to email alone. In my initial outreach 50% of the HCPs I sent the video to had watched and 25% resulted in a new meeting

“Since I started using Storyvine videos in my sales outreach, I’m now getting appointments with prescribers who I’ve never had success with and it's not just appointments, its new prescriptions as well. I’m seeing a double digit increase in new sales because of Storyvine.

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