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Case Study: HCP Peer-to-Peer Messaging

Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Peer-to-peer education and marketing is critical to deliver your message, but an HCP’s time is limited – even more so due to the pandemic. Since meeting in person has become near impossible, video is fulfilling marketing efforts, but overly-produced video isn’t filling the trust gap when HCPs are overly scripted and not authentic. It’s also expensive and labor/time intensive. It can take all day to shoot a 5 minute video.


Storyvine allows HCPs to easily create video themselves; unscripted but guided, maintaining their authenticity, and making it easy for them to focus on what they want to say. If you can’t meet in person, Storyvine is an incredibly effective way to communicate. As one medical device marketer recently shared with us, “The response we’re getting from the HCP videos we created with Storyvine are outstanding and we believe it's because their peers come off as human while clearly still being the subject matter expert.”

Pharma companies, professional medical associations and CME providers can create unlimited videos at scale that are inexpensive, regulatory-friendly, and authentic. Because everything is recorded via mobile, you can quickly capture HCP testimonials whenever, wherever. For example, our client produced six videos for two different audiences, using only an hour of an HCP's time sitting right in their office.


“As a brand lead who uses Storyvine, I now have a tool in place to create HCP videos that are easy for us, our agency, and more importantly, our HCPs to use.”

“As a CME provider who uses Storyvine extensively, we’re now seeing other use cases for HCPs like needs assessments, outcomes research, and video abstracts that still work within our budgets.”

“One of the primary reasons for our long relationship with Storyvine is because our HCP’s love the ease and flexibility of the technology. Especially when COVID hit, we were so happy that we could continue to produce content without any disruption to our current process.”

Interested in learning more? Email Don Young at Don@Storyvine and/or if you would like to discuss live, click here to set up a meeting.

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